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The Best Middle Eastern & Grilled Restaurant in Luton.

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Welcome to Al Quds the original 5 star rated middle eastern & grilled restaurant in Luton.

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Our Story

Established in 2017 Al Quds Restaurant in Luton quickly become of the best grilled food places. We are popular for our unique flavour, mouth watering fresh meat and vegetable dishes. Our core value is to ensure our customer enjoy fresh and tasty food every order. Enjoy quality grilled food and capture the taste of the middle eastern cuisine.

Authentic Tastes

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Special Mixed Grill

We offer some generous grill meal deals, like our Mixed grill. Packed with delicious meat & chicken .

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Al Quds Seasoned Chips

Our chips are renowned for their unique taste with our special Al Quds seasoning. 

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Fresh cut Arabic salad

We provide fresh cut mouth watering salad with some of our dishes. Creating a refreshing and healthy addition to your meal.

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Fresh Al Quds Hummus

Even the most simple items on our menu are handmade with a unique taste. 

Try our food today!

The best Palestinian cuisine that the UK has to offer. Out of all of the places that ive eaten at across the country, this one is the best. The sides are made to perfection. Especially the humus, I don't know how they do it. The mains are too good to be true and they taste amazing. They have freshly made sauces that go so well with the food and make everything taste even better. Finally its amazing value for money as it's decently priced with great sized portions. Good value + Top quality.
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Maklubah was yummo ! Lamb shank was soft; rice was incredible with roasted veggies inside and crispy almond flakes on top. The next time will try bamia stew. Their style is like takeaway service instead of a restaurant service but prices are organised based on this and I think this style builds up a friendly atmosphere. This place is 10/10 with food and friendly stuff 👍🏻 Edit: Today I tried lentil soup and kibbeh shamia. OMG ! Honestly I have never drink a lentil soup like this before as a lentil soup fan. It was a number one. Check the pictures.
al quds luton google review
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Fantastic food. Drove all the way from Leicester to try this place out. Unique Palestinian flavours - distinct from Lebanese / Syrian, which are often all clumped together. Will definitely be coming back!
al quds luton google review
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Amazing food as always. I get the half chicken kabseh. Their mix grill is amazing too. Highly recommend. Cash only though, which is the only downside.
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This is a place where the food has been fresh and the chicken with salad was tasty, the menu is simple and the food especially the chicken is tasty. I have only ate once but it has lived up to the expectation. The service is great and the authentic food delivers and the wait is well worth it. I enjoyed the tea and baklaawa dessert after the food with a few mates and can confirm this place is definitely worth the visit if in Luton. The staff are all friendly and keeping the ambiance great !! Well done to the staff. If I'm in the area I will definitely visit again.
al quds luton google review
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